Monday, April 27, 2015

4/27/2015 DB's Dailies: Sadie&PO2, Kolohe&RIP@RI, Pohaku@Makaha, Nihoa@Haleiwa

My first pass through the SE quadrant was a bust, but when I got back to Makai Pier at 0900, I found Sadie&PO2(RB12) now on the beach, having completed their morning swim session. They would do another from 1215 - 1235.

 There were two more critters there also. When Marilyn found Kolohe at Spitting Cave yesterday, I was pretty sure he would be in my life today. Sure enough there he was, his right side natural bleach “cue ball” was shining brightly. He would remain all day.

 There was also an animal fronting Left Greenery. It took a while but he finally rolled over and there was a transmitter showing. That, in combination with his old dorsal transmitter scar, said it was my first born son, RIP (RR70) ! It was nice to have the boyz back home.

 At 0736 Team Billand called to advise that they had responded to a DanaTxt, reporting an animal at the Makaha Surf Side Condos, where they found Pohaku (RO28).

 My favorite NOAA intern, Cianna, apparently escaped from the mine today, and called from Haleiwa where she was in the company of what would prove to be Nihoa (R912).

kolohe, Sadie and PO2
 R912 Nihoa
 Pohaku... looking very plump
 Ola Loa ... looking cuter than cute
 sweet little girl

Sunday, April 26, 2015

4/26/2015 DB's Dailies: Sadie&PO2,UU@RI, Kea@BH, Kolohe&UU@SC, Kaiwi@CW

On the road at 0615. I was batting zero until what would remain an U/U hauled out to the left end rock flats on Rabbit Island at 0742. A plethora of weather conditions, as well as lack of movement, made it an impossible call .

 There had been no sign of Sadie&PO2(0820) initially, but at 0754 I glimpsed the duo in swimmable depth water, off shore of 1BS. They would haul out at 0820 for a feed and a snooze. They would do a 2nd water session from 1023 to 1124.

 At 0758 Marilyn D., reported what would prove to be Kolohe (RW22)(0826) & an U/U together at Spitting Cave. Melanie would find somebody on her check at 1430. Awaiting her shots.

 At 1240 on routine afternoon recheck I found Kea (RN46)newly arrived to the cove on the Sandy Beach side of the Blowhole Lookout. Witnesses said he had arrived at 1230.

 At 1321 Melanie checked in with the report of Kaiwi (RK96) at China Walls.

 Ken Tingman did The End of the World trek today and found Ka’ena (RO40), RW02 & the lovely Kaikaina (RL54) at Ka’ena Point. Thank you Ken !!

 Last night Tony Querubin mail brought new of Ola (RG03) with something possibly at her mouth. Supporting shots received this morning from Kai East, showed something there. My Sensei advised that she thought it was dried Sea Cucumber goop, and today’s Gina Walker shots would tend to support that. There was nothing visible in her shots. Thanks to Tony...Kai & Gina for the shots.

 The only word from the Billand’s world was a call at 0910 advising that super Lifeguard, Dennis, at White Plains had reported an animal with a transmitter cruising by, in an Ewa Beach direction. There were no further reports.

 Do yourself a favor, If you haven’t already done so, and check out the Pacific Marine National Monument video at:

 Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program It’s a playful little ditty you are sure to enjoy.

Ola Loa with sea cucumber good on her chin
 funny how all the young'ens go through their sea cucumber phase
 Kolohe and UU

Saturday, April 25, 2015

4/25/2015 Ola Loa & Big Sister La'akea

Thanks to Tony Q for sharing these shots of the sisters hanging out together
 Ola looking so little.... definately  the camera angle!
 There's a question as to what Ola has in her mouth... sea cucumber guts or a line... hopefully one of the folks on site had a good camera and is suppose to send in the pics, to DB or the office... (hopefully)!